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Our expert plumbers have serviced more than 10,000 happy customers in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Mr. Speedy Plumbing Advantage

  • Highly Skilled Service Technicians
  • GPS-Equipped Vehicles Stocked With The Latest Equipment
  • Competitive Pricing With Additional Holiday Discounts
  • Environmentally Friendly – No Paper Work
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Licensed Plumbing Contractor # 915519
  • Over 20 locations in California
  • Local Plumbers in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Home Sweet Home

Homeowners tell us continuously just how much they appreciate our fast response time and courteous, professional plumbers.

They also know they can depend on us to do the job right the first time. Our Certified Service Technicians are experts in bathroom, kitchen, interior and exterior plumbing repairs. Any type of leak including but not limited to drains, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, toilets, bathtubs, showers and more including water, sewer and gas repairs

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Taking Care of Business

We are at the top of the list of preferred plumbers in the Los Angeles area.

We are the go-to plumbing company for scores of local businesses, restaurants, and even national retail chains such as Ross Dress For Less and Conway and National Stores as well.

Our discreet and efficient plumbers are generally in and out without disruption of business or inconvenience to staff or customers

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Big Savings

With the holidays just ahead of us, we know that every dollar counts.

That’s why we’re lowering prices even further by offering generous discounts on most plumbing repairs and drain cleaning services.

We’re even giving a money saving 10% off of first-time service calls. In addition, you can download a coupon from our website that will save you money on your next service call.

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Great Deals On Water Heaters!

We are Certified Distributors of the leading brands of water heaters, Rheem, Bradford White and price them to save you money.

Moreover, we are specialists in the installation, replacement, service and repair of all makes and models of water heaters

  • Gas heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Tankless heaters


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Experienced, Certified service technicians to handle all plumbing and drain-cleaning issues: Clogged bathroom, kitchen sink , faucet and fixture installation and repair, clogged drains and sinks, leak detection, water heaters, garbage disposal installation, pipe repair and re-piping. Great customer service, fast electronic dispatch. GPS-guided vans, loaded with the latest gear, get to your doorstep fast. Great plumbers, competitive rates, electronic invoicing, exclusive written warranty.

Professional Plumbing Services in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco

Clear Any Drain With The Amazing Hydro Jet Machine

Recognized as the newest development in drain-cleaning technology, the Hydro Jet takes drain cleaning to a whole new level of effectiveness. The Hydro jet emits a jet-spray so powerful it literally blasts its way through any clog and safely washes it away.

Hydro Jetting also scours and cleans the inside of your pipes, restoring the free flow of water. Moreover, to be absolutely sure we incorporate a specially designed video camera that allows us to see inside the pipe to be sure that all is clear.

Whatever your plumbing needs, commercial or residential, if you are in Los Angeles, Orange County or the San Francisco Bay Area, do what thousands do and call Mr. Speedy Plumbing!



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