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Do You Need A New Garbage Disposal? 

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The electric-powered garbage disposal was invented about 80 years ago. Since then, about 50% of of US homes have a disposal unit installed. But they are not as popular overseas: Only 6% of homes in the UK have a garbage disposal system installed.

The garbage disposal is an alternative to throwing food waste into the trash, where odors and bacteria may develop: homeowners simply throw their food waste into the sink and the machine does the rest, grinding it up and moving it away down the pipes and out of your home.


Facts About Garbage Disposal maintenance

Whether you are residing in Los Angeles or surrounding area you should know a well-maintained garbage disposal can last up to ten years.

To keep your disposal unit functioning at peak performance, it must be used often to prevent rust and corrosion. Only cold water should be used to flush away the ground debris. Hot water merely melts the grease and it can solidify again further down the pipes and cause a stoppage which will have to be unclogged by a plumber. After grinding, keep running the cold water for about half a minute more, to make sure that all the ground-up material is flushed away and doesn't remain in the unit, where it can harden and cause a blockage.


Prevent Odors:

To prevent odors from developing in your disposal unit, we recommend either lemons or vinegar. Cut up a whole lemon and grind it in the garbage disposal. Or make ice cubes using vinegar and grind these cubes into the system, Both of these will prevent odor build-up in your unit.


The only materials that should go into your disposal unit are biodegradable items - food waste. Therefore, glass, metal, bones, wood or plastic should never be put into the garbage disposal as these can cause serious damage to the working parts. Additionally, Fibrous materials like corn husks, celery stalks and onion skins should also not be placed in the garbage disposal unit: these may clog up the unit, as will coffee grounds. Grease and oils of all types tend to clog up the unit and should also never be put into the garbage disposal. Peels of potatoes or carrots can slip through the blades and clog up your pipes. The bottom line: the only material that should go into the garbage disposal unit is the leftovers on your plate - no peels, no bones, no fibrous material of any kind.


Use a Qualified Professional:

Installing a garbage disposal unit  in Los Angeles requires local expertise. Unless you know what you're doing, and you have the equipment, it it always advisable to engage the services of a professional L.A plumber to install a disposal unit.

Mr. Speedy Plumbing in Los Angeles is certified to install garbage disposal units from all the major manufacturers such as InSinkEratorWaste KingWhirlaway.

We carry a large inventory of the latest models of residential units. Our technicians are certified at installing a quality disposal unit  - usually within a few hours of your call.


Specials and Discounts Always Available

New Garbage Disposal Including Installation: $199.00 Only Los Angeles, CA

We offer regular specials and discount coupons on new garbage disposal installation. So please call customer service for more details on saving money on a new kitchen disposal unit.

Free-Tips-on-garbage-disposal-maintenanceWe Provide Free Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

With each disposal installation from Mr. Speedy Plumbing, we always provide you with useful free garbage disposal maintenance tips.

Our knowledgeable plumbing technicians are always ready to provide you with free maintenance tips. These tips can help you keep your disposal unit and your drains clear and flowing smoothly all year round. We can show you how to flush your drains regularly with appropriate chemical solutions to prevent blockages.

A functioning garbage disposal is a necessary part of the modern kitchen. A well-installed and regularly-maintained disposal unit effectively and easily removes food products and waste from your kitchen sinks and drains.


Our Recommendation

Therefore we recommend regular care and maintenance to keep your unit functioning correctly and to prevent it from becoming clogged. So schedule a visit from our plumbing technicians to show you how you can save money on regular maintenance. See our page to Schedule an appointment here.

So Mr Speedy Plumbing is Los Angeles' Residents Choice for garbage disposal purchase and installation for these reasons:

  • Huge Inventory, Affordable Prices
  • Free Installation and Maintenance Tips
  • Exclusive written warranty on parts and labor
  • Providing Service to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area